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The Veterans Freedom Party (originally Veterans Federation Party) is a party-list in the Philippines. It is the electoral wing of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines.

In the 2004 elections for the House of Representatives the party-list got 340,759 votes (2.6785% of the nationwide vote)[1] and one seat (Ernesto Gidaya).[2] VFP was one of 5 party-lists said to have received presidential support in connection with the Garci tapes affair.[3]

Gidaya died on December 4, 2006. Two former candidates of the party contested to replace him, Estrella Santos and Rodolfo Gutang. Gutang is the general secretary of the party.[4]

Electoral performance[edit]

Election Votes  % Seats
1998 304,902 3.33% 1
2001 580,781 3.84% 2
2004 340,759 2.68% 1
2007 196,266 1.23% 1
2010 155,672 0.52% 0

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