Veterans Party of America

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Veterans' Party of America
Chairman Mark Wilder
Founded December 19, 2013
Headquarters USA
Ideology Centrist
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Veteran's Party of America is a new Political Party. Founded in December 2013, by a group of Veterans, the party was formed in response to a new budget deal by US lawmakers. The budget included cuts to military member's benefits. The VPA is focusing nationally and locally to take offices held by Republicans and Democrats in favor of electing VPA candidates who have a more centrist/constitutional position in their political views. The VPA purports growing support among Veterans, families of Veterans, and friends of Veterans. Presently, the VPA Facebook page has over 20,000 likes. 46 states have been activated with their own chapters of the VPA and Federal party status granted. The Party Platform is Centrist and Constitutional in nature and focuses on the Constitution as providing the guiding principals which make America a free and strong country.


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