Veterans Party of America

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Veterans' Party of America
Chairman Mark Wilder
Founded December 19, 2013
Headquarters St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Ideology Centerism,
American Nationalism
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Veterans' Party of America is a political party based in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

The VPA fielded several candidates in 2003, including a US Senate candidate in Florida.[1][2] However, the party achieved limited electoral success, and bitter infighting caused it to split into two rival factions in 2006.[1] In August 2008, the VPA officially ceded its membership and ideology to the Modern Whig Party due to that organization's relatively large military membership, totaling at the time about 10,000 people, 6,500 of which were affiliated with the military.[3][4]

Another party known as the Veterans' Party of America was formed by a group of veterans in December 2013 after the United States Senate approved a new budget deal which included cuts to military members' benefits. Within its first two months, the party has amassed a following of almost 20,000 Facebook likes, forty-six state affiliates have been formed, and federal recognized party status was achieved.


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