Via Paolo Sarpi

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Via Paolo Sarpi, Milan.

Via Paolo Sarpi is a street in Milan, Italy known to be the center of the city's Chinese community. Milan hosts the oldest and largest Chinese community in Italy, with about 17,000 people in 2010.[1] The Milanese Chinatown was originally established in the 1920s by immigrants from Wencheng County, in the Zhejiang province, and used to operate small textile and leather workshops.[2]

The street is situated in the 8th district and is an important commercial avenue.

Today, the street is filled with hairdressing salons, both European and oriental fashion boutiques, silk and leather stores and Chinese takeaways and restaurants. Several Italian-Chinese companies are also headquartered in the street.


Coordinates: 45°28′53″N 9°10′36″E / 45.48139°N 9.17667°E / 45.48139; 9.17667