Viasat Sport 3

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Viasat Sport 3
Viasat Sport 3.png
Launched 1 February 2004
Closed 6 January 2009
Owned by Modern Times Group
Sister channel(s) Viasat Sport 1, Viasat SportN, Viasat Sport 2, Viasat Sport 24, Viasat Golf

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Lithuanian site

Viasat Sport 3 was a Scandinavian sports channel mainly showing combat sports, auto racing and American football. The channel started on 1 February 2004 together with Viasat Sport 2 The main sports in the summer are NASCAR, Indy Racing League, Boxing, Football club TV.

Viasat Sport 3 also have the rights to the soccer club TV channel: Blackburn Rovers TV

The channel was available in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia along with its sister channel Viasat Sport 2. On 16 October 2008, Viasat relaunched their sports channels in Norway and Sweden. Viasat Sport 3 was replaced by Viasat Motor in both Sweden and Norway. The channels did however continue in Denmark, Finland and the Baltics until 6 January 2009.[1][2] In the Baltics, the channels were replaced by Viasat Sport Baltic, while there was no replacements in Denmark and Finland.


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