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CR Saikoro Tin Douty
Developer(s) KPE
Publisher(s) Newgin
Platform(s) Pachinko
Release date(s)
  • JP August 2004

CR Saikoro Tin Douty (CRさいころ珍道中?) it is a series of numberous pachinkos basing on the Japan Ancient, which was developed by Newgin and Published by KPE, being the pachinko, which consists of four titles released in August 2004:

  • Saikoro Tin Douty ZM (さいころ珍道中 ZM?) (2004)
  • CR Saikoro Tin Douty MB (CRさいころ珍道中 MB?) (August 2004)
  • CR Saikoro Tin Douty MD (CRさいころ珍道中 MD?) (2004)
  • CR Saikoro Tin Douty MAR (CRさいころ珍道中 MAR?) (2004)


  • Saikoro (A Girl Main Protagonist)
  • Pentarou (Penguin)
  • Anna Barbowa & Meroowa (Dancing Panda)
  • Koitsu (Only)
  • Hikaru (Bunny Girl Riding Rocket Only)
  • Moai BattleShip and Captain Kebab


  • Throw the dice, take a Three Penguins, which appear a the Characters of Parodius Universe in this video, and Composed by CR Parodius Da! BGM.
  • As part, the second pachinko you see the characters of the same name, but before a CR Gokujo Parodius! in May 2006.