Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University

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Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University
Prof. Nigel Weatherill

since 2011
Style Vice-Chancellor
Appointer Board of Governors
Inaugural holder Prof. Peter Toyne, CBE
Formation 1992

The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Liverpool John Moores University is the main academic officer and administrator of the university in its everyday functioning. As well as administration, the vice-chancellor represents the university within the United Kingdom and abroad, ensures and takes leadership in maintaining the university's aims, as well as performing some ceremonial duties when needed. Appointment to the position is by vote of the university's board of governors, of which the vice-chancellor is an ex officio member.

The office of the vice-chancellor was created in 1992 when Prof. Peter Toyne, CBE was appointed as the first vice-chancellor, following the creation of the new generation university from being a polytechnic. The vice-chancellor is assisted by Pro-Vice-Chancellors who take on some responsibility. The Executive Office of the Vice-Chancellor and executive offices of the pro-vice-chancellors are located at Egerton Court in Liverpool.

Since 2011, Professor Nigel Weatherill[1] is the third and current vice-chancellor.

List of Vice-Chancellors[edit]

No. Image Vice-Chancellor Took Office Left Office
1 Prof. Peter Toyne, CBE[2] 1992 2000
2 Prof. Michael Brown[3] 2001 2011
3 Prof. Nigel Weatherill[4] 2011 Incumbent

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