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of the Republic of Bulgaria
на Република България
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Margarita Popova.jpg
Margarita Popova

since 22 January 2012
Style Her Excellency
Residence Boyana Residence, Sofia
Term length Five years, renewable once
Formation 1 August 1990
First holder Atanas Semerdzhiev
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The vice-president of the Republic of Bulgaria is a position, established by the Constitution of Bulgaria, and the only vice-presidential office in the European Union (EU).

The vice-president is elected in a popular vote, along with the president. Candidates for president and vice-president run on their party ticket and are prohibited from serving in any other post upon election.

According to the constitution the vice-president shall be principal assistant to the president in his/her official duties.[1]

Elected by parliament, 1990–1992[edit]

The following vice-presidents were elected by the parliament.

# Name
Portrait Took Office Left Office Political Party President
1 Atanas Semerdzhiev
(1924– )
No image.svg 1 August 1990 22 January 1992 Bulgarian Socialist Party Zhelyu Zhelev

Directly elected, 1992–present[edit]

The following vice-presidents were elected by the people.

# Name
Portrait Took Office Left Office Political Party President
1 Blaga Dimitrova
No image.svg 22 January 1992 6 July 1993 Union of Democratic Forces Zhelyu Zhelev
2 Todor Kavaldzhiev
(1934– )
No image.svg 22 January 1997 22 January 2002 Union of Democratic Forces Petar Stoyanov
3 Angel Marin
(1942– )
No image.svg 22 January 2002 22 January 2012 Bulgarian Socialist Party Georgi Parvanov
4 Margarita Popova
(1956– )
Margarita Popova.jpg 22 January 2012 Incumbent Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev

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