List of Vice Presidents of Mexico

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Vice President of Mexico
Former political post
Coat of arms of Mexico (1893-1916).svg
Coat of arms of Mexico (1893-1916)
Jose Maria Pino Suarez.jpg
José María Pino Suárez , the last Vice President
Predecessor None
Successor None
First officeholder Nicolás Bravo
Last officeholder José María Pino Suárez
Office began October 20, 1824
Office ended February 5, 1917 (Permanently Vakant since February 19, 1913)
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The office of Vice President of Mexico was created by the Constitution of 1824, and was finally abolished by the current Constitution of 1917.[1] Many Mexican Vice Presidents acted as President during time between the end of the First Mexican Empire and the establishment of the Second Mexican Empire.

No. Vice President Took office Left office Party
1 Nicolás Bravo Nicolás Bravo Rueda, portrait.jpg October 20, 1824 December 1827 Conservative
2 Anastasio Bustamante Anastasio Bustamante y Oseguera, portrait.jpg June 11, 1829 December 23, 1832 Conservative
3 Valentín Gómez Farías Valentín Gómez Farías, portrait.JPG April 1, 1833 January 26, 1835 Liberal
4 Nicolás Bravo Nicolás Bravo Rueda, portrait.jpg June 12, 1846 August 6, 1846 Conservative
5 Valentín Gómez Farías Valentín Gómez Farías, portrait.JPG December 23, 1846 April 1, 1847 Liberal
6 Ramón Corral Ramon Corral Verdugo.jpg December 1, 1904 May 4, 1911 Liberal
7 José María Pino Suárez Jose Maria Pino Suarez.jpg November 6, 1911 February 19, 1913
Anti-reelectionist Party
Post Vakant (February 19, 1913 – February 5, 1917)
Post Abolished (February 5, 1917 – present)


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