Vicious Rumors (Timex Social Club album)

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Vicious Rumors
Studio album by Timex Social Club
Released 1986
Recorded Fantasy Studios, Starlight Studios
Genre New jack swing[1]
Label Danya Records
Producer Jay Logan, Michael Marshall
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[citation needed]

Vicious Rumors is the sole studio album from the R&B band Timex Social Club, released in 1986. It contains the group's Billboard Hot 100 top 10 and R&B #1 hit "Rumors," as well as the follow-up R&B hits "Thinkin' About Ya'" and "Mixed Up World."

Music videos were made for "Rumors"[2] and "Mixed Up World."[3]

No. Title Length
1. "Rumors"   5:47
2. "Thinkin' About Ya"   5:57
3. "Just Kickin' It"   5:19
4. "Only You"   4:18
5. "Mixed Up World"   5:20
6. "Cokelife"   4:52
7. "Go Away Little Girl"   4:20
8. "360° (Natty Prep)"   6:27
9. "Vicious Rumors (Euromix)"   4:18

U.S. Version[edit]

  • The U.S. version of the album features a different track order from the editions released abroad:
  1. "Rumors"
  2. "Thinkin' About Ya'"
  3. "Mixed Up World"
  4. "Only You"
  5. "Vicious Rumors (Euromix)
  6. "Just Kickin' It"
  7. "Go Away Little Girl"
  8. "Cokelife"
  9. "360° (Natty Prep)"

(all track lengths are the same as on other versions)