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Vicious Vinyl is a record label based in Melbourne, Australia. The label was started in the late 1980s in Frankston by aspirant producer/DJs, Andy Van and John Course.

They released a number of local artists including Ground Level, Bubbleman and Pendulum to major club scene acclaim. The label garnered major international success with the Vicious Grooves release of Andy Van's Madison Avenue project and their single, "Don't Call Me Baby".

The label also released five volumes of the highly successful compilation series, Dance House and Club Anthems and their long line of albums under the name Vicious Cuts (or iCuts on iTunes ) with their newest release being Vicious Cuts Summer 2008.

Labels under Vicious[edit]

  • Zip Music
  • Vicious Vinyl
  • Vicious (Records)
  • Vicious Grooves
  • Vicious Urban
  • Vicious Bitch
  • Vicious Black

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