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Vicky Beeching
Victoria (Vicky) Beeching Headshot January 2013.jpg
Born Victoria Louise Beeching
(1979-07-17) 17 July 1979 (age 35)
Nationality British
Occupation musician and religious commentator

Victoria Louise "Vicky" Beeching (born 17 July 1979) is a British musician and religious commentator. She is best known for her work on the American Christian rock scene.

Early life[edit]

Vicky Beeching grew up in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, where she attended Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School from 11 to 18. She began writing songs from the age of 10,[1] and leading worship since her early teens.

At Oxford University she gained a Theology degree. During this time she also learned more about music writing from Brian Doerksen and Brenton Brown at Oxford Vineyard.

Musical career[edit]

Beeching, June 2010

In December 2002, she released the Shelter EP through EMI UK[2] and was featured on various compilation albums.

After moving to the United States in her early 20s,[3] Beeching signed with Sparrow Records and released a 2005 EP, titled The Journey.[4] Her first full-length Sparrow album, Yesterday, Today & Forever, was released on 27 December 2005.[5]

Her second full-length studio album, Painting the Invisible, was produced by Ed Cash and Nathan Nockels and released on 3 April 2007.[6] Beeching wrote most of the album's material, although a few tracks include songwriting from Ed Cash, Matthew West and Joy Williams.[7] Several of the songs for the album were written on Keith Green’s old piano, at the invitation of her mentor and friend, Melody Green.[8]

Her third studio album "Eternity Invades" released in 2010, recorded in San Diego California, features a song co-written with Steve Fee entitled "Glory To God Forever".

She was a worship leader at Spring Harvest from 2010–12, leading worship in the 'Big Top' at Minehead and was part of the Spring Harvest Theme Group.[9]

Personal life[edit]

In 2009 she was diagnosed with linear scleroderma morphea, for which she underwent 18 months of chemotherapy.[10]

Beeching started speaking out in favour of gay marriage beginning in December 2013.[11] Although the announcement was met with controversy and disapproval, she was nominated for The National Diversity Awards in the category of "Positive Role Model Race, Faith & Religion"[12] although she did not end up as part of the shortlist for the year.[13] In an August 2014 interview with The Independent, Beeching came out as a lesbian.[10]

Social media[edit]

Living in California during the early years of the social media revolution, she first began blogging in 2003 and eventually switched to a WordPress-powered site.[14]

In December 2012, Beeching tweeted that she was moving to London.[15] In February 2013, she tweeted that she was working on a PhD in the ethics of technology at Durham University, exploring religion and technology,[16] but has since blogged "originally I was researching technology and ethics, but the topic of Christianity and sexuality became my main PhD focus earlier this year".[17]

She is a regular television and radio commentator on issues related to ethics, technology, women, Christianity, music and social media.[18]


  • Shelter EP (2002)
  • The Journey EP (2005)
  • Yesterday, Today & Forever (2005)
  • Painting the Invisible (2007)
  • Eternity Invades (2010)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Almighty Sound by Johnny Parks (2006, Survivor Records) - "Season Of Singing"
  • WOW Worship Aqua (2006, Provident) - "Yesterday, Today And Forever" (from Yesterday, Today, & Forever)
  • Precious (2006) - "Extravagant Worship" (from Shelter EP)
  • Night Of Joy 2005 (2005, Disney) - "Awesome God" (from Yesterday, Today, & Forever)
  • Here I Am To Worship 1 (2004, EMICMG) - "Yesterday, Today, And Forever"
  • Here I Am To Worship 2 (2005, EMICMG) - "Stronger Than The Storm" (from Yesterday, Today, & Forever)
  • Help Me Hold On - UK worship (2005, Vital) - "Above All Else"
  • Anthem of the Free - Soul Survivor 2003 (2003, Soul Survivor) - "Yesterday Today And Forever"
  • Festival Manchester (2003, Kingsway) - "Nothing is impossible"


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