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Victoria Locklin
Nationality British
Known for Television news presenting

Victoria "Vicky" Locklin is a British presenter and voice artist.

She is best known for freelancing with ITV Tyne Tees and ITV Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.


Vicky began as a broadcast journalist for Hallam FM in South Yorkshire and her quick wit and ability to interact with the listeners led to her being offered her own show and co-hosting the ratings winning breakfast show. She was head hunted to present in the bright lights of Leeds at 96.3 Radio Aire where she continued to flex her news and programming skills.

Her TV career began at ITV Tyne Tees in 2000, presenting North East News bulletins during GMTV. She then went onto presenting various non-news regional programmes for ITV Granada, ITV Tyne Tees and ITV Yorkshire, including Homes, Property Matters, which was later bought by the Property Channel, Boot Sale Challenge, Call Dr Jane and Baby shock.

Other credits include presenting up to four hours of live studio based interactive television on the health and beauty channel Wellbeing.

From mid-2000s until December 2008, Vicky could be seen presenting ITV Yorkshire's Calendar bulletins every Tuesday to Thursday. She also returned to ITV Tyne Tees occasionally, at weekends, presenting North East Tonight.

She then focused on her company In-the-Media. In January 2010, Vicky could be seen presenting for TV adverts.

In 2012 she emigrated to Majorca

Personal life[edit]

She graduated with a degree from Leeds University in Drama, film and photography and now lives in the sun soaked Island of Mallorca.Her son goes to a local school speaking Spanish and Catalan.


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