Victor Crowley

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Hatchet character
In-story information
Classification Mass murderer
Created by Adam Green
Primary location New Orleans
Development information
Signature weapon Hatchet
Portrayed by Kane Hodder

Victor Crowley is the main antagonist of the Hatchet films. In Hatchet it's said that long ago, presumably the 1940s-1960s, Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) was a deformed boy who was kept hidden from the world by his father. One Halloween, a group of kids decided to scare Victor by throwing fireworks into his house, but the house was engulfed in flames. Victor's father tried to hack down the door with a hatchet to save Victor, but because Victor was pressed up against the other side of the door trying to get out, he hit him in the face with the hatchet, killing him. Victor's father died of a broken heart ten years later. As the legend goes, Crowley roams the surrounding swamps, and kills anyone who enters.



In the first movie, the majority of Crowley's victims are of stranded tourists on a tour guide in the swamps. Two hunters, Ainsley (Joshua Leonard) and Sampson (Robert Englund) are fishing in the swamp. Ainsley says he has to use the restroom, and Sampson rows their boat to shore. While Ainsley is urinating, Sampson falls silent; Ainsley goes to see where he is and finds Sampson's mutilated body. He grabs his harpoon, only to be murdered by Crowley, who rips his insides out. Husband and wife, Jim Permatteo (Richard Riehle) and Shannon Permatteo (Patrika Darbo) are the next to be murdered. As Shannon and an injured Jim venture up to Crowley's house to find help, Crowley attacks the pair and hacks Jim's shoulder with his hatchet many times. As Shannon attempts to run, Crowley grabs her and begins to pull her jaw apart. Eventually, Shannon's whole face is ripped in half. Doug Shapiro (Joel Murray) is next to go when Crowley twists his whole head around. Crowley proceeds to attack Jenna (Joleigh Fioreavanti) with a sand grinder, wearing away her whole jaw. Shawn (Parry Shen) tries to tackle Crowley with a shovel, but Crowley grabs the shovel and slices off his leg. Laying helpless on the ground, Crowley decapitates Shawn with the shovel, before grabbing the still alive Jenna and impaling her on the handle. Misty (Mercedes McNab) is attacked offscreen, however her decapitated head and torso are discovered before the reaminging survivours manage to set Crowley on fire, but rain soon extinguishes the fire. Marcus (Deon Richmond) is murdered by having his rib cage broken. Crowley stabs Ben (Joel David Moore) in the foot with a gate pole, but Marybeth (Tamara Feldman) bends it towards a running Crowley, who impales himself on it. As the remaining duo board a boat, Marybeth falls in the water. She surfaces only to see Crowley holding a severed arm from a dying Ben. Crowley grabs Marybeth as she screams, before the movie finishes.[1]

Hatchet II[edit]

The second movie picks up from where the first ends. Marybeth (Now played by Danielle Harris) manages to get away from Victor by gouging one of his eyes out. Victor soon attacks Jack Cracker (John Carl Buechler) for helping Marybeth escape. After ripping out Jack's intestine, Victor decapitates him with his intestine. Rev. Zombie (Tony Todd) later tells the full story of Victor Crowley to Marybeth.

Shyann Crowley (Kathryn Fiore) is slowly dying of stomach cancer. Her husband, Thomas Crowley (Also played by Ken Hodder) is having an affair with Shyann's nurse Lena (Erika Hamilton) secretly behind Shyann's back. After a year of secrecy, Shyann finally passes away, allowing Thomas and Lena to proclaim their love. However Shyann casts a curse on the pair and Lena's unborn baby, before once again dying. Months later, Lena gives birth to the deformed Victor before she dies. Thomas brings up Victor, but hides him to cover up the betrayal of his wife. Years later, one Halloween a group of kids set fire to the house, trapping Victor in and causing him to be accidentally killed by his father with a hatchet. Victor has come back as a ghost, trapped in the night he died - seeking revenge.

Victor is shown to kill numerous men in the swamp. First he violently attacks one man, before slicing another's head in half. He pulls off a man's jaw, before cutting off the face of another. Lastly, he stabs a man in the neck with a harpoon.

Marybeth convinces Rev. Zombie to take her back into the swamp to get revenge on Victor. Along with the pair, a group of hunters enter the swamp, which provide victims for Victor. First he attacks Chad (David Foy), smashing his face in with his hatchet. After Cleatus (Ed Ackerman) turns on the propellor of his boat to escape, Victor drags him into the water and pushes his head into the turning propeller, shredding his face. While Layton (AJ Bowen) and Avery (Alexis Peters) have sex, Victor decapitates Layton, before killing Avery, butchering her with his hatchet. John (Rick McCallum) and Vernon (Colton Dunn) are next to be murdered by Victor, after he cuts them both in half with a chainsaw. Justin (Perry Shan) is killed by Victor by having a hatchet thrown into his back and having the back of his head grinded off by a sand grinder. Victor then attacks the remaining survivours, despite receiving many injuries, manages to kill Trent (R.A. Mihailoff) by cutting his head in half. Victor proceeds to gruesomely kill Bob (Tom Holland). Victor has now successfully murdered the three boys who set fire to his house, resulting in his death (Bob, Trent and Sampson), thus meaning the curse has been lifted. However, it turns out Bob was not really the culprit, the real person had died years before from leukemia. Victor emerges from his house and kills Rev Zombie by cutting him in half and pulling his insides out. Marybeth then attacks Victor and manages to smash in his head and finally shoot it off as the movie ends.[2]