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Victor Polishchuk
Born (1976-08-15) August 15, 1976 (age 38)
Ukraine Kirovograd region, Ukraine
Occupation Businessman

Victor Stepanovych Polishchuk (Ukrainian: Віктор Степанович Поліщук) is a prominent Ukrainian businessman in electronics retail. As of 2013, he was ranked as one of the 100 richest people in Ukraine by Forbes with estimated personal wealth of $166 million.[1]


Victor Polishchuk was born on August 15, 1976 in Kirovograd region (Ukraine). His father — Polishchuk Stepan Nikiforovich was the chief engineer at Peregonovskiy sugar-house, his mother – Polishchuk Galina Antonovna worked as a nurse in kindergarten. Polishchuk’s grandfather - Volchanskiy Ivan Panteleymonovich fought in the Great Patriotic War. In childhood Victor Polishchuk dreamed to become a military. In 1992 he finished school with high grades. In his youth he repeatedly won all-Ukrainian and regional olympiads on mathematics, physics, chemistry.


Victor Polishchuk graduated from Kyiv technological Institute of food retail industry (currently – National university of food technologies).

Work activity[edit]

Being a student, Victor Polishchuk worked as a technician at a research enterprise Energotekhnologiya (1993). In 1998–2001 – on the position of engineer.

In 2001 he created the TechEnergoTrade company. Initially this business was built on the sales of electrical engineering products. Afterwards the company got engaged in logistics.

The next business project involves building a cottage town Yavir near Kyiv, initiated and led by his wife Lilia Rizva.

In 2004 Polishchuk’s TechEnergoTrade acquired 70% of the Technopolis (retail chain) company – a home appliances retailer. In 2005 the Technopolis retail network fully passes to the property of Victor Polishchuk (100%).


In 2004 there were only seven shops of Technopolis home appliances. Polishchuk has started active development and expansion of the sales network. New shops are being opened, agreements are being signed with the suppliers, the collaboration is being established with other networks, complete modernization of client-service on a new high-quality level is underway. Thus, in 2004–2012 the number of sales points has grown 9 times.

By 2013 the home appliances network of Technopolis includes 65 shops and covers all regions of Ukraine.

In April 2013 Victor Polishchuk continues to extend the sphere of his business by acquiring the largest network of home appliances – Eldorado. Technopolis and Eldorado start to merge. Consequently the network becomes the second retailer on the market by the amount of shops and first by the commodity turnover.

In an interview to Forbes[2] magazine Victor Polishchuk revealed that the new network will operate under the name Eldorado: "We intend to remove all the setbacks currently existing in the Eldorado network. Above all, we are going to radically change the approach to client service."

Віктор Поліщук.jpg

Victor Polishchuk is among the 100 richest people of Ukraine according to Forbes magazine, with 166 million dollars of assets.[3]


He is married to Lilia Rizva, a businesswoman, Business Centre "Gulliver" CEO. His son, Dmitry Polishchuk, was born in 2007.

Religion: Orthodox Christian

The Orthodox Church priests note Victor Polishchuk’s direct engagement into various church projects and his help to orphanages.

Victor Polishchuk’s quotes[edit]

"The real success in business comes only with Faith in God. All that I’m in charge with is given to me by God for my work and faith in Him".


Business-strategies, management, sports


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