Victor Villiger

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Victor Villiger
Born (1868-09-01)1 September 1868
Cham, Switzerland
Died 10 June 1934(1934-06-10) (aged 65)
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Institutions University of Munich, BASF
Alma mater University of Geneva,
University of Munich
Doctoral advisor Adolf von Baeyer
Known for Baeyer-Villiger oxidation

Victor Villiger (1 September 1868 – 10 June 1934) was a Swiss-born German chemist and the discoverer of the Baeyer-Villiger oxidation.


He studied at University of Geneva and, following his graduation, with Adolf von Baeyer at the University of Munich.

He started working at BASF in Ludwigshafen in 1905.


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