Victoria Aces

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Victoria Aces
League IBLA (1999-00 & 2002)
Claxton Shield (1934-88, 2003-10)
Location Victoria
Ballpark Melbourne Ballpark
Year founded 1934
League championships 16 (Claxton Shield)
Former name(s) Victoria
2008 7-5 (2nd south)
Manager David White
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The Victoria Aces are an Australian baseball team who compete in the Claxton Shield Baseball Championship. One of the founding teams of the Claxton Shield in 1934, they competed until 1988. Thereafter the Claxton Shield was awarded to the winner of the Australian Baseball League until 2002. In 1999 the Victoria Aces accepted an invitation to join the International Baseball League of Australia. They competed in the League for two seasons (1999–2000 and 2002); after this point the Claxton Shield reverted to a competition similar to 1988.

Baseball Victoria (BV) selects the Victoria Aces team to compete in the Claxton Shield. BV also governs all levels of baseball in the state of Victoria, and directly runs the State League, regarded[by whom?] as the top level of competition in the state and the source of the majority of Australian-based players selected for the Victoria Aces.


Season Finish
1999-00 3rd
2002 1st
2003 2nd
2004 6th
2005 2nd
2006 2nd
2007 1st
2008 2nd Southern

2009 Claxton Shield Squad[edit]

Victoria Ace's 19-man roster for 2009 Claxton Shield, announced by Baseball Victoria,[1] consisted of:

Victoria Aces roster
Active roster Inactive roster Coaches/Other


  • 21 Dean Barker
  • 6 Elliot Biddle
  • 7 Adam Blackley
  • 22 Darryn Cassidy
  • 11 Blake Cunningham
  • 4 Donovan Hendricks
  • 10 Kable Hogben
  • 14 Glen Richards


  • 23 Grant Karlsen
  • 24 Tristian McDonald


  • 29 Hayden Dingle
  • 20 Brad Harman
  • 8 Scott McIntyre
  • 10 Brett Tamburrino


  • 16 Daniel Berg
  • 8 Scott Wearne
  • 12 Paul Weichard


  • 43 Phil Dale


  • 28 Phil Allen (Assistant Coach)
  • 26 Damian Shanahan (Assistant Coach)
  • 27 Lee Hogan (Exec Officer)
  • -- Alicia Tang (Physio)

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Current roster[edit]

Victoria Aces roster
Active roster Inactive roster Coaches

Right-handed pitchers

Left-handed pitchers




Utility players



Other Staff

Correct as of 7 February 2010[2][3]