Victoria Asher

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Victoria Asher
Also known as Vicky-T
Born (1984-01-20) January 20, 1984 (age 31)
Instruments Keytar, Keyboards, Piano
Associated acts Cobra Starship

Victoria Asher, (also known as Vicky-T), is the keytarist for Cobra Starship. Her official website is She is the daughter of producer/manager/musician Peter Asher of the hit band Peter & Gordon, who were part of the British Invasion and Wendy Worth Asher whom is a well known art collector and curator featured in the Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. She is the niece of Jane Asher.

When she was eight years old, she sang on Neil Diamond’s Christmas Special albums and appeared on an HBO television taping with Diamond.[1]

She went to NYU to study film. During her time there, she directed her band’s music video Guilty Pleasure, and many other music videos and commercials, including an Ipod commercial. Her previous band was Optimo, which she formed with friends in Los Angeles. She has a career as a solo artist and still writes her own blogs and tour footage montages. Prior to joining Cobra Starship, she worked with directors Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam on music videos and commercials.[2] She also has a side project called NotInTown with Frank Staniszewski (keyboardist of Big City Rock).

In 2007, she and her bandmates went on the Fall Out Boy headlined Honda Civic Tour, along with +44, The Academy Is…, and Paul Wall. She provided vocals in place of Carol Heller on +44’s song “Make You Smile".[3]

In August 2007, a rumor went around that she, Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump, and Ashlee Simpson collaborated on a song that was on Asher’s MySpace. Supposedly, Stump played bass and drums, and Simpson helped Asher with the lyrics. However, this rumor was proven false when Asher claimed that it was all a huge misunderstanding. During the Honda Civic Tour, Stump taught Asher how to use GarageBand, which, assumingly, helped her create the song. In the end, Asher made it clear in a blog entry on her MySpace page that she “just didn’t want to leave anyone without credit.”[4]

Asher attended high school with Shwayze and photographer Lauren Dukoff. She also graduated from New York University in 2006.


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