Victoria Blue BO

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Victoria Blue BO

Victoria Blue BO, also known as C.I. Basic Blue 7 and C.I. 42595, is a chloride salt of a synthetic blue triarylmethane dye. Its chemical formula is C33H40N3Cl. It has the appearance of a reddish blue powder. It is a photosensitizer.

Its CAS number is 2390-60-5 and its SMILES structure is [Cl-].CCNc1ccc(c2ccccc12)C(c3ccc(cc3)N(CC)CC)=C4C=CC(C=C4)=[N+](CC)CC. Its EINECS number is 219-232-0.

Victoria Blue BO base, also known as Solvent Blue 5 and C.I. 42595:1, is a hydroxide instead of chloride. Its chemical formula is C33H41N3O. Its CAS number is 1325-86-6.

Victoria Blue BO is used to dye anionic substrates, e.g. wool, silk, nylon, and acrylics, where bright dying is required. It is also used for staining in microscopy, where it is used to stain mitochondria. As Solvent Blue 5, it is used in some pyrotechnic compositions for blue colored smoke.It is used to dye wool and silk directly producing a violet blue colour but cotton must be mordant with tannin.