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Victoria Frances ("Salón del Manga de Barcelona", Spain.

Victoria Francés (October 25, 1982) is a Spanish illustrator.


Frances is an artist, born in Valencia but spent much of her infancy in Galicia.

She attended the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she studied Fine Arts at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. There she started working as an illustrator while also designing various book covers and other commissioned pieces.

Her first illustrated book, Favole, a remembrance of Verona, Venice and Genoa, was first released on 23 April 2003. It was moderately successful, but she returned to the University to continue to study art. She made her first public appearance at the Saló del Còmic fair in Barcelona on March 8, 2004. She toured Madrid and the U.S. the following year.

Soon after, Favole II and Favole III followed. Her most recent published work is called El Corazón de Arlene (Arlene's heart) in 2008. Her illustrations have also been featured on posters, calendars and jigsaw puzzles.

Influenced by gothic Romanticism and pre-Raphaelite paintings as well as by the works of Luis Royo and Gerald Brom.


  • Favole I – Tears of Stone
  • Favole II – Set Me Free
  • Angel Wings
  • Favole III – Frozen Light
  • El Corazón de Arlene ("Arlene's Heart")
  • Misty Circus: 1. Sasha, el pequeño Pierrot ("Sasha, the Little Pierrot")
  • Misty Circus: 2. La Noche de las Brujas ("Witches Night")
  • El Lamento del Océano ("The Lament of the Ocean")

and other such portraits.

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