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Victoria "Vicky" Holmes comes up with the ideas for the New York Times Bestselling[1] Warriors books.


The books consisting of five miniseries: Warriors, Warriors: The New Prophecy, Warriors: Power of Three, Warriors: Omen of the Stars, and Warriors: Dawn of the Clans, as well as several short plays, novels, and special editions, written by Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, Gillian Phillip, and newest addition Inbali Iserles under the pen name Erin Hunter, and published by HarperCollins. Holmes creates the plots, then Cary, Baldry, Sutherland, Phillip, and Iserles write the stories. Holmes is also in charge of maintaining series continuity and making sure that there's a consistent "voice" across the books.[2]


Victoria grew up on a farm in England, where she learned to write at the age of two[citation needed]. She enjoyed reading and writing stories of her own when she had the time. She studied English at the University of Oxford, where the ancient buildings and sense of tradition inspired an interest in history. Victoria now works in London as a children's book editor and escapes to the English countryside whenever she can to ride horses and walk her dog, Missy[citation needed].

Victoria is also the author of the books Rider in the Dark, published in 2004, The Horse from the Sea, published in 2005, and Heart of Fire, published in 2006.


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