Victoria Road, Hong Kong

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Victoria Road, Hong Kong.

Victoria Road (Chinese: 域多利道; Cantonese Yale: wik6 do1 lei6 dou6) is a main road near the west shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong connecting Kennedy Town and Wah Fu and an alternative connection of Pok Fu Lam Road. It begins north with Belcher's Street in Kennedy Town and goes along Mount Davis, Sandy Bay, Telegraph Bay and Waterfall Bay and reaches in Kellett Bay.


The road was built in 1897. In celebrating the 60 year anniversary of Queen Victoria's coronation, the a stone was erected and the road was named Victoria Jubilee Road (域多利慶典道). The road was without any surfacing and only access to Chinese public cemetery in Kellett Bay. In 1930, Hong Kong Government erected a stone at the road in Kennedy Town to mark the boundary of Victoria City. In 1910s, the road was expanded and renamed to Victoria Road. In 1960s, for the construction of Wah Fu Estate, the road became a standard road of concrete. In 2000s, the section near Cyberport was improved.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 22°16′23″N 114°07′32″E / 22.27292°N 114.12562°E / 22.27292; 114.12562