Victorian Railways 'Old' V class

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Victorian Railways 'Old' V class were the first government goods steam locomotives on Victorian Railways, built by George England & Co. They were 0-6-0 tender engines built in 1857-8 with builders numbers 142-145. These arrived in port phillip in 31 May 1858 (The first three) and 12 May 1858 (The last one and a passenger locomotive). The passenger loco, the first government passenger loco, a 2-2-2 tender engine also built in 1858 by George England & Co. with builders number 146. The first system of identifying the locomotives was consecutive numbering from 1 for both passenger and goods locos. so the goods locos were numbered 1-4 and the passenger loco 1. This was soon changed to consecutive numbering from 1-5 allotted with the goods locos adding 1 to their numbers. This numbering was later superseded by the introduction of the system of allotting odd numbers starting from 1 for goods locomotives, and even numbers starting from 2 for passenger locos. This system remained in use until 1912. It was epedient to begin the odds and evens series with the J class with the goods locos numbered 11-17 (Odds only) and passenger loco numbered 12. In the 1886 identification system the goods locos were classed V and No 12 remained unclassed. Numbers 12 & 13 were sold then bought back and renumbered because other engines took their numbers Nos 528 & 497. No 11 was taken off register in May 1891 when it was sold to contractor Andrew O'Keefe for $2700. Withdrawals of the other four took place in 1904 with the last No 15 being withdrawn on the 13 September.

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