Victorian Railways RTL class (Road Transferable Locomotive)

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The V/line RTL class was a Road-rail locomotive, runnable on both road and rail. It was basically a truck with retractable rail wheels. Built by Western Star in the US, it was shipped to Victoria. It began tests in December 1995. One was delivered and put into service which became RTL 1, not much info on whether the other two were delivered or not. Unconfirmed reports say that RTL 2 was sent back to the US as it only ever test ran once and never utilised and RTL 3 was spares for keeping the rest of the class running. The RTL 1's registration plate number at delivery was MVO-782. It received a different registration plate while under Freight Australia ownership which was a custom plate of MVORTL. MVO being the initials of then head of freight marketing, Marinus van Onselin. The plate was removed entirely when it was sold.

RTL 1 was sold by V/Line to a private owner during 2011. It has since been sighted in service as part of railway construction works in South Australia.


Locomotive Entered service Withdrawn Owner Status
RTL1 December 1995 Private Owner In Service