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The Victorian of the Year is an award given to the most outstanding Victorian in any given year.

This is not to be confused with the Victorian winner of the Australian of the Year awarded in Canberra by the Australia Day Council (as part of Australia Day celebrations).

The Victorian of the year is awarded in Melbourne by the Victoria Day Council (as part of Victoria Day celebrations) on Victoria Day - 1 July.

Often the same people are winners of both awards. However only the Victoria Day award is nominated and voted by Victorians.

Other awards in the same series include the Young Victorian of the Year, Organisation of the Year, Good Corporate Citizen of the Year and the Local Achiever.

List of winners[edit]

Year Victorian of the Year Young Victorian of the Year
1995 Sang Nguyen
1996 Michael Quinn[disambiguation needed] Deanne Jakial
1997 Hugh Wirth Lynn Costello
1998 Andrew Kay Richard Allen[disambiguation needed]
1999 Sue Natrass George Dukas
2000 Susan Barton Jesse Martin
2001 Jim Stynes Daniela Di Toro
2002 Bruce Ruxton Karen Chatto
2003 Jim Stynes Hugh Evans[1]
2004 Tim Costello Cameron Rahles-Rahbula
2005 Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Lisa Castle
2006 Les Twentyman Eliza Stankovic
2007 Carrillo Gantner Tom O'Connor
2008 Bert Newton Daniel Adams
2009 Ron Barassi Thom Woodroofe
2010 Stephanie Alexander Wesa Chau
2011 Father Bob Maguire Amit Menghani
2012 Moira Kelly Victor Victor
2013 Jeanne Pratt Nicholle Hussey[2]
2014 David Penington Melissa Tumeo

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