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The front page on 14 July 2011
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Video game journalism
Registration Optional (free)
Available in English
Owner Pro-G Media Ltd.
Created by Adam McCann
Tom Orry
James Orry[1]
Launched 12 November 2004; 10 years ago (2004-11-12)[2]
Alexa rank
negative increase 12,544 (April 2014)[3]
Current status Active (formerly known as Pro-G) is a London-based website focused on video game news, reviews, previews and videos. It is privately owned and operated by Pro-G Media Ltd., and was launched in November 2004[4] by university friends Adam McCann and Tom Orry.

On 6 October 2008, launched a high-definition video service, capable of streaming 720p HD videos, which is claimed to be the first amongst UK games websites.[5] The website is regularly updated with video content, most commonly consisting of video game reviews, comparisons, trailers, and gameplay clips, much of which is produced in-house.


The website features a community section where members of the staff interact with the website's community and also answer any questions in relation to a specific game that they are having problems with. All questions are answered on the forum under the community section. Every month, the staff hold a 'Member of the Month' competition in which a regular member of the website's community is chosen to select a game from the website As well as this the user is given founder status in the website's forums.

Regular features[edit]

While the site is regularly maintained and tweaked, it also has several features that run weekly that give insight to that week in video gaming.

  • DLC Royal Rumble: This feature outlines the DLC available over the past week on each respective console: 360, PS3 and Wii. The feature sums up all that has been offered and then outlines which format the site thinks had the best content over that period.
  • Heads-up: What's new this week: This feature looks at the new releases of the week and gives the teams views on which are worthy of a purchase.
  • Plays: A feature that describes what the team at have been playing over the past week. This feature gives real insight to the likes and dislikes of the team's gaming preferences. All except James Orry whom usually just gives a brief update on how his team the "Juicy Danglers" are doing in Football Manager Live.
  • Extended Play: A video feature where two staff members play a short section of a new release and share their opinions on it (as well as their mad gaming skills!) with the viewer.

Podcasts[edit] Podcast[edit]

In January 2009 the first episode of the podcast was released for download from the website and iTunes. Originally it was hosted by the then previews editor (later deputy editor) Neon Kelly and featured the editor Tom Orry, video and podcast producer Sebastian Ford (now of GameSpot) and deputy editor Wesley Yin-Poole (now of Eurogamer) with news editor James Orry making regular appearances. Newer members of the team have also been involved in recent shows, including Chris Bratt, Jim Trinca,[6] Simon Miller and David Scammell.

The podcast was initially similar to other gaming podcasts but quickly evolved into the quiz format where the staff competed against each other to answer gaming related questions in a variety of rounds. The podcast continued to grow and by the 16th episode podcast punishments were introduced. These were awarded to the loser of the quiz and were usually something they had to eat or drink.'s community are regularly involved in the podcast, with the team answering their questions on the show and sometimes having them take part in surveys to produce answers for the family fortunes inspired round, Forum Fortunes.

Back On Topic Podcast[edit]

In October 2009, to combat fears that the podcast was becoming less gaming related and focused more on humour, the Back On Topic podcast was released. This would have a more serious discussion on the world of gaming so that the 'Quizcast' could continue to stay how it was. The 'BOTcast' would be released on the Monday that followed the 'Quizcast's' Friday release.


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