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This is a list of several known mascots:

College mascots[edit]

See: List of colleges by mascot
See: List of U.S. college mascots, which lists the names of college mascots
See: List of college sports teams in the United States with different nicknames for men's and women's teams

Computing mascots[edit]

See also Category:Computing mascots

Commercial mascots[edit]

World Expositions and Olympic mascots[edit]

  • Seymore D. Fair, mascot for the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition
  • Twipsy, mascot for the 2000 Hannover World Exposition
  • Haibao, mascot for the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition
  • Sam (Olympic mascot), mascot for the 1984 US Summer Olympics
  • Hodori, mascot of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea

Professional sports mascots[edit]

Public service mascots[edit]

Television, company and movie mascots[edit]

Computer and video game mascots[edit]

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Political party mascots[edit]

Heavy metal music mascots[edit]

Punk music mascots[edit]

Miscellaneous mascots[edit]

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