Videocart 16: Dodge-It

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Videocart 16: Dodge-It
Publisher(s) Fairchild
Platform(s) Fairchild Channel F
Release date(s) 1978

Videocart 16: Dodge-It is a unique game Fairchild for the Fairchild Channel F in 1978.[1] The game is similar to dodge ball. One or two players controls a character represented by a square in a room on the screen. A ball controlled by the computer is then introduced into the room. Overtime more balls are introduced into the room. The objective is to not come in contact with the balls controlled by the computer.

Different rooms in the game have different properties. Variables such as the size and speed of both the player controlled characters and the balls varies, as well as the size of the room.


Video Games in 1983 described Robot War as one of the best Channel F games, calling it "simple but great".[2]


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