Vietnam: The Australian War

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Vietnam, The Australian War is a non-fiction book (ISBN 9780732282370) written by Australian author Paul Ham.[1]

This book outlines the details of the First and Second Indochinese wars from a predominantly Australian point of view, namely, the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War. It is written as a tribute to the more than 500 Australian service men who were killed, and the thousands that were wounded during the conflicts. Background information is given about Indochina as far back as about 3000 years. The book is partly made up from interviews with veteran service men that were conducted by the Australian Defence Force and have been kept secret since they were taken, almost thirty years ago.[2] Also used are several interviews with Vietcong prisoners that were taken by Australian intelligence agents during the conflict. "The book is the soldiers' story of deployment in an ideological war".[3]