Vietnam in the ABU TV Song Festival

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Member station Vietnam Television (VTV)
Appearances 3
First appearance 2012
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Vietnam have participated in the ABU TV Song Festival twice. The Vietnamese broadcaster, Vietnam Television (VTV), has been the organiser of the Vietnamese entry since the country's debut in the contest in 2012.[1]


VTV is one of the founder members in the ABU TV Song Festivals, having participated in the very first ABU TV Song Festival 2012.[1]


Year Artist Language Title English translation
2012 Lê Việt Anh Vietnamese "Mây" Cloud
2013 The Pentatonic[2] Vietnamese "Cao nguyên đá" Highland Plateau
Văn Mai Hương[2] Vietnamese "Là anh đó" It's You
2014 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh Vietnamese "Xuan van sang dieu ki" Spring still comes magically


Year Location Venue Presenters
2013 Hanoi Hanoi Opera House


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