Vietnamese parliamentary election, 2011

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Vietnamese parliamentary election, 2011
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May 22, 2011
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  First party Second party
  Nguyen Phu Trong.jpg
Leader Nguyễn Phú Trọng n/a
Party Communist Party of Vietnam Independent
Seats won 458 42
Seat change Increase8 Decrease1
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A parliamentary election was held in Vietnam on 22 May 2011.[1] Since Vietnam is a single-party state, the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam is guaranteed to win.[2]

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, there were 827 candidates. 31.4% were women, 14.3% were not members of the Communist Party, 16.1% were members of ethnic minorities and 22.1% were candidates running for reelection.[3]

500 MPs were elected. 333 are first-time MPs, four are self-nominated. Almost all of them have at least a bachelor's degree; 15.6% are from ethnic minorities, 24.4% are women, and 8.4% are not members of the Communist Party. Turnout was 99.51%,[4] with the northern mountain provinces of Lai Châu, Hà Giang, Hòa Bình and Lạng Sơn reporting a turnout of 99.99%[5]

e • d  Summary of the 22 May 2011 National Assembly (Quoc hoi) election results
Parties and coalitions Seats +/–
Vietnamese Fatherland Front (Mặt Trận Tổ Quốc Việt Nam) Communist Party of Vietnam (Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam) 458 +8
other members 38 -4
Independents 4 +3
Overall statistics
Total parliamentary seats 500 +7
Sources: Central Election Council[6]