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Map of Uddingston and Viewpark in 1923

Viewpark is a small urban development north-east of Uddingston in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Viewpark is adjacent to Tannochside, and is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) west of Bellshill. Viewpark is often considered a district of Uddingston despite falling under the jurisdiction of a separate local authority.

Viewpark was originally built to house miners and was erected quickly[when?]. The older houses were originally called the "olde Rows. Viewpark then grew steadily to support housing demand in the area which was thriving with Industry at the time with companies such as the Mining and Ranco plus the Caterpillar Tractor Co opening its doors in 1959 creating a boom in the population of the area which is known as Viewpark today.

1956 and the main thoroughfare in Viewpark, Laburnum Road, often referred to as "The Burma Road", in reference to its length, was well underway in its construction. That same year, the local council set up what has now become Burnhead Bowling Club, along with an adjacent tennis court. A new church was built, Burnhead Parish Church, on Laburnum Road, opposite its junction with Burnhead Street.

The demolition of the miners homes, referred to as The Miners Rows, in Tannochside, which released land for the erection of the Caterpillar Tractor Co. led to an influx of displaced families into the Viewpark area. However, no one was complaining, gone was the "hole in the wall bed", and in its place, a brand new home, with separate bedrooms, kitchen areas, and indoor bathing and toilet facilities. A modern wonder indeed! A similar fate befell the Miners Rows at Cockhill, located due east of Laburnum Road. That land has now been utilised as a football field, with a shopping area on the north side of Old Edinburgh Road. Kerrs Farm at Cockhill, also disappeared, and that land, which extended between Laburnum Road and the new bypass road, the A725, was used to create Righead Industrial Estate.

A shopping complex was added, aptly located in Market Place, just off Burnhead Street, and the old rose gardens are now long gone, replaced by the Community Centre, a Sports Complex, and a Medical Centre.

Thorniewood United, a junior football club, is based in the area.

Coordinates: 55°49′52″N 4°03′15″W / 55.83111°N 4.05417°W / 55.83111; -4.05417