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A viewport is a polygon viewing region in computer graphics, or a term used for optical components. It has several definitions in different contexts:


In 3D computer graphics it refers to the 2D rectangle used to project the 3D scene to the position of a virtual camera. A viewport is a region of the screen used to display a portion of the total image to be shown.[1]

In virtual desktops, the viewport is the visible portion of a 2D area which is larger than the visualization device. In web browsers, the viewport is the visible portion of the entire document. If the document is larger than the viewport, the user can shift the viewport around by scrolling.[2]

Optical components[edit]

In Manufacturing it refers to hermetically sealed optical components which are typically used for visual or broad band energy transmission into and out of vacuum systems. Single and multi-layer coatings can be added to viewports to optimize transmission performance. They describe where the selected object portion resides inside a window.


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