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Vigrestad is a village in the municipality of , Norway. Its population was 1850 in 2009. It is situated approximately 32 metres above sea level and 7, 5 km from Varhaug, which is the municipality's administrative centre.

The name probably has its origin from the word "vig" meaning battle/war, and "stad" meaning place. There is therefore reason to believe that it was the site of a battle. The name could alternatively originate from the old Norse word "vigr" which means spear. North of the village there are several barrows from the Iron and Bronze Ages.

Vigrestad has been spelled in various ways: Wirestad, Virestadt, Wiresteid in 1567, Vigrist in 1606, Wigresta in 1610, Vigrestad in 1616 and Wigrestad in 1723.

Vigrestad Station is located on the Sørland Line. The station is unmanned. Only local trains stop, not express or regional ones.

The main source of income is agriculture; mainly dairy, beef, pork, sheep and potatoes. There are also companies that specialise in high class timber furniture (for the Royal family, among others) and laser-cutting. A variety of industries and companies can also be found, many of them at Stokkelandsmarka.

Notable people[edit]

People at Vigrestad are active in sports, especially handball, football and weightlifting.

Coordinates: 58°34′N 5°42′E / 58.567°N 5.700°E / 58.567; 5.700