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Sport Vii
Sport Vii
Manufacturer JungleTac (Jungle Soft), KenSingTon
Type Video game console
Generation Seventh generation era
Media Cartridges and built-in games
CPU 16-bit Sunplus SPG
Storage 8.5 MB of Internal Memory for Saving
Controller input 2.4G Wireless Handybar Controller
Best-selling game VC-1 (bundled with blue Vii), VC-2 (bundled with white Vii), VC-3 (bundled with pink Vii)
JungleTac Vii, games, and Accessories

JungleTac's Sport Vii (威力棒) is a Bootleg video game console similar in aspect to Nintendo's Wii.[1] Originally released in China in 2007, according to Engadget China the console used to sell for 1,280 Yuan (approximately US$195); as of 2009 the Vii sells for a substantially lower price at 443 Yuan (approximately US$68.) The Vii is not a competitive console in the current generation; instead, it competes in the "plug-in TV game" genre of inexpensive consoles with built-in games. It is based on the 16-bit Sunplus SPG CPU.

The Vii's Handybar controller is similar in size and design to the Wii Remote. It features motion detection but not the pointing capability of the Wii Remote.

The Vii handybars also come in:

  • Arctic White
  • Hot Pink
  • Mint Blue.[2]

A redesign of the console, colloquially called the Vii 2 by bloggers, features remodeled controllers and a console design reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation 3,[3] as well as support for both NTSC and PAL televisions.[4]

In 2008, the Vii was released in Japan under the name V-Sports (Sport Vii).[5]


In addition to the games that were included with the first release of the Vii (Free Craps, which was not included on Vii 2), all models of the Vii also include a cartridge entitled 7in1 or 10in1 which features seven or ten additional games.

Three different cartridges exist:

VC-1 Exclusives:

  • MaJong13 - a Mahjong game
  • MaJong16 - Similar to MaJong13

VC-1 and VC-2 cartridges contain:

Several other games have also been released in cartridge format.[6] Some examples of these are:

VC-2 Exclusives:

  • "Plumber" - a platformer game
  • "Mr Onion" - a Donkey Kong like game
  • "Fire Fighter" - a Fire like game
  • "Dream Bubble" - a version of Tetris
  • "Bump Jump" - an Arkanoid-like game.

VC-3 Exclusives:

  • "Brave Kaka" - a Mario Bros. clone
  • "Hero Legend" - a clone of Don Doko Don
  • "Rapid Stream" - a submarine game
  • "Super Move Fun" - a Bejeweled like game
  • "Magic Jelly" - a Bomberman meets Q*Bert like game
  • "Bump Bomb" - A Marbles like game
  • "Tiger Rescue" - a vertical scrolling shooter

VG Pocket Caplet[edit]

The games listed below are games that are also on the VG Pocket Caplet, a handheld also made by JungleTac.

  • "Pinball fish" aka Underwater Pinball
  • "Bubble Blaster"
  • "Plumber" aka Codename: Plumber
  • "Jewel Master 2"
  • "Magic Jelly"
  • "Mr. Onion"
  • "Dream Bubble" aka Bubble Wubble
  • "Hero Legend" aka Legendary Hero
  • "Tiger Rescue"
  • "Bump Jump" aka Battle Blocks II

Zone 60 and Wireless 60[edit]

While the Vii itself appears to no longer be in production, JungleTac produced games for at least two other similar plug-and-play consoles, the Zone 60[7][8][9] and Wireless 60, and many Vii titles and similar games appear on these two consoles. However, these consoles' controllers do not have true motion sensors as the Vii does, so the controls are simplified to the point where any motion just triggers a press of the A button. As a result, many of the games need to use power meters to determine distance or power.

Titles that appear are:

  • Bowling
  • Fantasy Baseball (renamed Baseball Practice)
  • Catch Fish (renamed Fishing)
  • Alacrity golf (renamed Golf)
  • Come On! (Wireless 60 only, renamed Sea-world)
  • Free Craps (Wireless 60 only)
  • Bubble Blaster (Zone 60 only, renamed Ball Blaster)
  • Brave Kaka (Zone 60 only, renamed Brave Heart)
  • Bump Bomb (Zone 60 only, renamed Lady Bugs)
  • Bump Jump (Wireless 60 only)
  • Fire Fighter
  • Hero Legend
  • Jewel Master 2
  • Lightning Plan
  • Magic Jelly (Wireless 60 only)
  • Mr. Onion
  • Pinball Fish (Wireless 60 only)
  • Plumber (Zone 60 only, renamed Plumber Man)
  • Rapid Stream
  • Squirrel Bobble (Zone 60 only)
  • Tiger Rescue (Zone 60 only)


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