Vijay Kumar (roboticist)

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Vijay Kumar
Born (1962-04-12) April 12, 1962 (age 53)
Residence United States
Nationality Indian
Fields Robotics
Institutions University of Pennsylvania
Alma mater Ohio State University
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Notable students Jaydev P. Desai

Vijay Kumar (born April 12, 1962) is an Indian roboticist and UPS foundation professor in the School of Engineering & Applied Mechanics with secondary appointments in computer and information science and electrical and systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, and will become the new Dean of Penn Engineering on July 1, 2015.[1] Kumar is known for his research in the control and coordination of multi-robot formations.[2][3]


  • B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, May 1983
  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, March 1985
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, September 1987

About his research work[edit]

His fundamental contributions, which straddle both theory and practice, address the control and planning of multiple robots cooperating to explore, map , manipulate and move in 3-D environment. He was first to formulate and solve the problem of cooperative mobile manipulation with multiple robots, simultaneously controlling the grass motion and rolling/sliding interactions in the early 90s. He was also the first to work on the multi robot formation control problem leading to highly cited papers on the subject in the late 90s. Kumar"s creative theoretical, algorithmic, and experimental work on cooperating robots have transformed the science of robotics systems and impacted a wide range of application in the area of networked and cyber physical systems.

Honours and awards[edit]

  • The Ohio State University Presidential Fellowship (1986)
  • NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award (1991)
  • Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Pennsylvania (1996)
  • The Ferdinand Freudenstein Award for significant contributions to mechanisms and robotics
  • 5th National Conference on Mechanisms and Robotics (1997)
  • Best paper award, Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (2002)
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2003)
  • Kayamori Best Paper Award, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (2004)
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Distinguished Lecturer (2005)
  • Fellow, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2005)
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Distinguished Award (2012)
  • George H. Heilmeier Faculty Award for Excellence in Research (2013) [4]
  • Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2013)
  • IIT Kanpur Distinguished Alumnus Award 2013-14, for his outstanding contributions to the area of control and coordination of multi-robot formations.
  • The Joseph Engelberger Award by the Robotics Industries Association (2014)

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