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Vijayan K Pillai
Alma mater The University of Iowa
University of Indore
Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmadabad
University of Kerala
Occupation Professor, School of Social Work and PhD Program Director / Graduate Adviser University of Texas at Arlington

Vijayan K Pillai is Professor, School of Social Work and PhD Program Director / Graduate Adviser at the University of Texas at Arlington.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1983, with a thesis on "Determinants of the first birth interval." [1] Prior to joining University of Texas at Arlington, Pillai taught at the University of North Texas, University of Iowa, and University of Zambia. He was the Zellerbach Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2004. He has Published nearly 100 papers and book chapters, including 35 peer-reviewed journal articles, and authored/ co authored and edited 13 books/ monographs. His primary interests are in developing countries, human reproduction, gerontology and demography. He is a referee to over thirty international journals.[2]



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Selected journal articles[edit]

His most-cited peer-reviewed journal articles are:

  • Pampel, Pillal, V.K. "Patterns and determinants of infant-mortality in developed nations, 1950-1975", Demography volume: 23 issue: 4 pages: 525-542 published: nov 1986.

times cited: 35 .

  • Pei XM, Pillai VK, " Old age support in China: The role of the state and the family " International Journal of Aging and Development" Volume: 49 Issue: 3 Pages: 197-212 Published: 1999

Times Cited: 13 (Web of Science)


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