Vikramnagar railway station

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Vikramnagar Main exit

Vikramnagar is a small railway station in Ujjain district, Madhya Pradesh.Its code is VRG.


The Name of the Station is named after The King Vikramaditya of the Ujjaini Kingdom

Structure and Location[edit]

The station falls on the Indore Junction BG - Ujjain Junction BG rail route in Ujjain city.The station consist of 2 platforms.The platform is not well sheltered.It lacks many facilities including Water and Sanitation.The main railway station of City, Ujjain Junction is always preferred over Vikramnagar station for catching several trains. This station is only suitable for local travelling within Ujjain City.

Vikramnagar stationboard

Trains passing through[edit]

There are many trains passes through Vikramnagar but only a few trains stop at Vikramnagar such as :

  • Indore - Bilaspur Narmada Express
  • Indore - Ujjain Passenger
  • Indore - Bhopal Passenger
  • Indore - Nagda Passenger

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