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For the Indian cricketer, see V. R. V. Singh.

Vikram Singh is a renowned ghazal and bhajan singer, ghazal and bhajan writer and composer in North India. He has been singing professionally for the last 15 years. His performances have included television, radio and stage shows. Other appearances include "ghazal" nights and reputable cultural programmes at national level.

Early life[edit]

Child prodigy[edit]

Vikram Singh's journey into the world of music began at an early age. He was educated in music by his brothers. As was customary in his culture, he provided many quality performances of traditional patriotic songs to the many visitors at his ancestral home. He quickly established a reputation for his interpretaions of such songs.

University days of Riyaaz[edit]

Riyaaz is an exercise in singing. As a College student he had maintained the interest in his love of music with regular vocal practice[1] and participation in college programmes. As a University student he benefited greatly from the facilities available to him. Many performances at concerts led to him being invited to perform in the Gujari Festival in front of thousands of people at Hisar[2] by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), India This was a milestone of his future career into the world of music.


He was selected by All India Radio for singing ghazals regularly. He has performed on Television on numerous occasions. His career in music has led him to perform in many famous Hotels, Universities and Asiad Village. His style of singing has been compared with Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh.[3] He requested Jagjit Singh[4] to accept him as his pupil. Jagjit Singh blessed him and gave him a career opportunity as a co-singer (un-credited) in his album on Sikhs, named 'Guru Maneyo Granth' released in 2008.

Vikram Singh is regularly invited to perform at ghazal concerts and bhajan sandhya organisations all over north India. His charismatic performances are received with awe by his audiences. He has performed for famous bureaucrats, politicians, scientists, doctors and other music lovers at a number of formal and informal programmes in Chandigarh. Locations have included New Delhi, Almora, Nainital, Hisar, Bhiwani, Rohtak, Nainital and several other famous music festival events in India.


In addition to his singing career Vikram Singh has also established a reputation as a lyricist. Among his work he has written musical scores for ghazals and bhajans. Performances of these works have been broadcast on various national Television channels. Two albums of these recordings have been produced, one released by a national distribution company.[5]

Currently Vikram Singh is writing lyrics and composition for forthcoming projects relating to musical albums, Hindi, Kumaoni, Bhojpuri, and Tamil cinema films and TV serials. He also scoring music for Television advertisements.In his spare time he still performs on stage, and also teaches ghazal and nazam styles of singing. Other work includes ghazal and lyrics writing in various educational institutions. For many years his pupils have been engaged in the Film and Television industry in India, and also internationally.


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