Vikramshila Setu

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Vikramshila Setu
Vikramshila Setu.jpg
Carries Two lane roadway and pedestrian pathways each side
Crosses Ganges
Locale Bhagalpur
Maintained by Bihar Government
Material Concrete and Iron
Total length 4,700 metres (15,400 ft)
Construction end 2001
Opened 2001
Toll For Heavy vehicle and four wheeler
Daily traffic one way
Closed No
Coordinates 25°16′41″N 87°01′37″E / 25.278°N 87.027°E / 25.278; 87.027

Vikramshila Setu (Hindi: विक्रमशिला सेतु) is a bridge across the Ganges, near Bhagalpur in the Indian state of Bihar named after Vikramaśīla University which was established by King Dharmapala (783 to 820 A.D.) .

Vikramshila Setu is 3rd longest bridge in India and 118 rank in world longest bridge in world The 4.7 km long bridge serves as a link between NH 80 and NH 31 running on the opposite sides of the Ganges. It runs from Barari Ghat on the Bhagalpur side on the south bank of the Ganges to Naugachia on the north bank. Its also connect Bhagalpur to Purnia and kathiar This has reduced considerably the road travel distance between Bhagalpur and places across the Ganges.[1]

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