Viktor Ryzhkin

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Viktor Ryzhkin
Personal information
Full name Viktor Ivanovich Ryzhkin
Country represented Soviet Union
Born (1937-04-26) 26 April 1937 (age 77)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Former partner Irina Grishkova
Lyudmila Pakhomova
Former coach Elena Tchaikovskaya

Viktor Ivanovich Ryzhkin (Russian: Виктор Иванович Рыжкин; born 26 April 1937 in Moscow)[1] is a former ice dancer who competed for the Soviet Union. With Lyudmila Pakhomova, whom he had initially coached,[2] he won three Soviet national titles and placed 10th at the 1966 World Championships. Their partnership ended in 1966.[3] With his next partner Irina Grishkova, Ryzhkin finished 4th at the 1968 European Championships and 5th at the 1968 World Championships. He later coached at CSKA Moscow.[4]


With Pakhomova[edit]

Event 1964 1965 1966
World Championships 10th
European Championships 7th
Soviet Championships 1st 1st 1st

With Grishkova[edit]

Event 1966–1967 1967–1968
World Championships 7th 5th
European Championships 4th
Prize of Moscow News 1st 1st
Soviet Championships 1st 1st


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