Villa Canales

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Villa Canales
Villa Canales is located in Guatemala
Villa Canales
Villa Canales
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°29′0″N 90°32′0″W / 14.48333°N 90.53333°W / 14.48333; -90.53333Coordinates: 14°29′0″N 90°32′0″W / 14.48333°N 90.53333°W / 14.48333; -90.53333
Country Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Department Guatemala
 • Mayor Erick Pocasangre (UNE)
Population (2002)
 • Total 77,638
Climate Aw

Villa Canales is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala, situated 22 km south of Guatemala City. As of the 2002 census, the city had a population of 77,638,[1] making it the eighth largest city in Guatemala.


Due to a government decision, Pueblo Viejo Petapa became a municipality on June 3, 1912. Afterwards, its name changed to San Joaquin Villa Canales and later shortened to Villa Canales.


The Pacaya Volcano, responsible for much of the agriculture of Villa Canales

The economy of Villa Canales is based around coffee, sugercane, and pineapple. The city is the largest producer of pineapple in the nation, due to the nearby Pacaya Volcano which fertilizes the soil. Due to rapid growth and development, it has become one of the main municipalities of the department.

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