Villa O'Higgins

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Villa O'Higgins
Villa O'Higgins at dawn
Villa O'Higgins at dawn
Villa O'Higgins is located in Chile
Villa O'Higgins
Villa O'Higgins
Coordinates: 48°28.1′S 72°33.6′W / 48.4683°S 72.5600°W / -48.4683; -72.5600Coordinates: 48°28.1′S 72°33.6′W / 48.4683°S 72.5600°W / -48.4683; -72.5600
Country Chile
Region Aysen
Province Capitán Prat
Commune O'Higgins
 • Total 500[1]

Villa O'Higgins is a town founded in 1966 in southern Chile located 230 km south of Cochrane and 535 km of Coyhaique. It is the capital of the O'Higgins commune and marks the end of the Carretera Austral. The village is named after Chilean independence hero Bernardo O'Higgins.

Villa O'Higgins is connected to the rest of Chilean territory by the Carretera Austral recently in 2000 when it was complete the last 120 km starting from Puerto Yungay. It is the gateway to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field,


The village has an airport, several guesthouses, a radio station, and a few shops. In the summer (Dec-Feb) there are regular boats from Villa O'Higgins over the Lago O'Higgins lake to Candelario Mansilla. From Candelario Mansilla it is possible to cross the border into Argentina via a footpath (no road).

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