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The Village Square Leisure Centre is a 5.5 acre indoor leisure centre situated in the Pineridge community of north east Calgary, Alberta.[1] The multipurpose recreational facility was built at the same time (although additions and redesigns have been made since) as the surrounding neighborhood and is one of two leisure centres owned and operated by The City of Calgary. Attached to the leisure centre is a library, high-school, shopping center, food court, and small professional center.

A skywalk pedestrian walkway similar to the +15 connects the leisure centre to the neighboring high-school, Lester B. Pearson. The walkway is used by staff and by day camp participants from the leisure centre who take advantage of the unused school gymnasiums in the summer time.


  • Wave pool begins wide and shallow (much like a beach) progressively deepening into a regular swimming pool of 6 lanes for lap swimming and water volleyball, halved in width is the box shaped "deep end" with rope swing. (No diving).[2]
  • Safari Splash Zone®: A water park with a 500 gallon dump bucket, rope bridges, spray guns and other splash stations.
  • Water slides: Includes the "blue slide" and the "Thunder-Run slide" which was added in the late 90s as an external multistory addition. The "Twin red slides" were removed in the 2000s due to concerns over weak swimmers being discharged in deep water. There are also 4 smaller slides in the water park area.
  • Rope swing: Use of the rope swing is allowed while the wave system is off.
  • Deep water dive tank and diving board: The high dive was removed sometime in the 2000s.
  • Hot tub: In the late 2000s the hot tub was moved, enlarged and made wheel chair accessible.
  • Steam room.
  • Two(2) Ice arenas(2x 185' x 85' artificial ice surfaces) Includes observation deck and a large fireplace near the second arena.
  • Gymnasium Two(2) Full size areas that are separable into multiple smaller areas. Includes expandable bleachers and badminton / basket ball courts.
  • Weight room Added in the 2000s, replaces rock climbing wall / gymnastic area which is still partially visible on the far wall.
  • Floating floor fitness studio.
  • Dance / martial art / activity room.
  • Jungle Gym room designed for pre-schoolers.
  • Multipurpose rooms named after communities in the area, sometimes called birthday rooms.
  • Rental Center for floating aids, tubes, badminton rackets, basketballs, etc.

Past elements[edit]

  • Twin red water "race" slides
  • High dive
  • Kiddie pool
  • Dual hot tubs
  • Pool accessible cafeteria
  • Arcade
  • Ice cream shop
  • Climbing wall
  • Gymnastics area and trampolines
  • Outside Upper level metal sculptures
  • Yearly Haunted House for Halloween


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