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Ville Haapasalo
Вилле Хаапасало.png
Born (1972-02-28) 28 February 1972 (age 42)
Hollola, Finland
Spouse(s) Saara Hedlund (1995-)
Awards Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2003)

Ville Haapasalo (born 28 February 1972) is a Finnish stage and film actor who has worked in Finland and Russia. His acting career started in 1995, after finishing studying in St. Petersburg. In 2003, he was honored of the State Prize of the Russian Federation for his role of Veikko in the film The Cuckoo directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Haapasalo was born in Hollola, Finland. He speaks four languages fluently: Finnish, Russian, Swedish, and English. His hobbies include playing trombone, ice-hockey, skiing, and skating. He stands 6 feet ¾ inches (1.85 m), wears size 52, and has dark brown hair and green/gray eyes.[2]

Ville Haapasalo married Saara Hedlund in 1995 and they currently reside in Helsinki, Finland.[3]


Haapasalo was educated in St. Petersburg at the Academy of Performing Arts or the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. He studied there from 1991-1995. In his first year of study, he was mugged nine times. He knew no Russian when he began studying.


Haapasalo's career got a huge lift immediately after his graduation for his appearance in 1995 in a Russian comedy "Peculiarities of the National Hunt". In 2002 he won the Best Actor award at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival, for his role in the Russian-made film Kukushka (The Cuckoo).[4][5]

Although his fame comes mostly from film, he also writes for the screen, acts in theaters, and does TV cinema. He also appeared in Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications' 1998 campaign National Features of Driving instructing Russians on Finnish road rules. He is more widely recognized in Russia than in his country of origin Finland.[6] Albeit, as of late, he has hosted and starred in quite the number of travel shows on Finnish TV.[7]


  • Luonto ja terveys (2006) (TV)
  • Perjantai (2003) (TV)


Year Title of Film Title in English Title in Other Languages Role
2013 Rölli ja kultainen avain Smith
2013 Suomensukuiset 30 päivässä (Documentary) The Finnic Nations in 30 Days (unofficial name) Himself
2013 FeD.O.T Jaakko Ahonen
2012 Golfa straume zem ledus kalna Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg Гольфстрим под айсбергом (Russian) Theophilius
2012 Silkkitie 30 päivässä (Documentary) 30 days on the Silk Road Himself
2012 Самоубийцы, Samoubiytsy Suicides Finn
2011 Tappajan näköinen mies Aleksei Kornostajev
2011 Беременный, Beremennyy Pregnant Bагiтний (Ukrainian) Rezhisser
2011 Alamaailma-trilogia (Finnish) Underworld Trilogy Artur Deminoff
2011 Sapuskaa - harashoo! (TV Series) Himself
2011 Tunarit The Duffers
2010 Любовь в большом городе 2 Ljubov v bolšom gorode 2 Love in the Big City 2 Armastus suures linnas 2 (Estonian), Ljubav u velikom gradu 2 (Serbo-Croatian) Olli (sauna)
2010 Venäjän halki 30 päivässä (Documentary) Through Russia in 30 Days Himself
2009 Tsar Tsar Царь (Russian) Andrey Staden
2009 Любовь в большом городе (Ljubov v bolšom gorode) Love in the Big City Olli (sauna)
2009 Весельчаки (Veselchaki) Jolly Fellows Joyeux compères (French), Lustige Typen (German) Roza
2008 Luola (short film) Cave Ilari's father
2008 Lemmenleikit Samuli Harjanne
2007 Ирония Судьбы: Продолжение", Ironiya sud’by. Prodolzheniye The Irony of Fate 2 Ironie des Schicksals. Die Fortsetzung (German) / Ironija sudbine - nastavak (Serbo-Croatian) / Số phận trớ trêu. Phần tiếp theo (Vietnamese) Drunken Finn
2006 Suden Arvoitus Mystery of the Wolf Vargens Hemlighet (Swedish) Paulus
2006 Luonto ja Terveys (TV) Nature and Health Priroda i zdorovie (Russian) Kostya
2005 Domoi - Kotiinpaluu Domoi- The Voyage Home The Warrior
2005 KGB v smokinge, КГБ в смокинге The KGB in a Tuxedo Eugene
2005 Gibel Imperii (TV mini-series) The Fall of the Empire Гибель империи (Russian) Tarvilainen
2005 Tahdon Asia (TV-episode #1.6) The voice of Peppe Mattila and Bishop
2005 Yövuoro (TV) Turvapäällikkö Jari Viirilä
2005 Perjantai-illan unelma (TV show) Host
2004 Koroleva benzokolonki 2 (TV) Ruslan
2004 Diversant (TV mini-series) The Saboteur Диверсант (Russian) Wilhelm
2003 Vieraalla maalla Land of Love Tuomas Linna/Omar Ghaala
2003 Kukushkino gnezdo (TV) Cuckoo's Nest Käen pesä/ Käk - tähden synty (Finnish) Veikko
2003 Letters From Karelia Lead
2003 Perjantai (TV)
2003 Pietarin Myytti (TV mini-series)
2002 Kukushka Cuckoo Кукушка (Russian)/ Käki (Finnish) Veikko
2002 Minä en ole kone (short film)
2002 One Christmas Morning (short film)
2001 Maamiehen Päiväkirja Farmer's Journal Maamies
2001 Uboynaya Sila (TV- Episode Kredit Doveriya) Limit of Trust Убойная сила (Russian)
2000 Pakkaus The Sweep Packningen (Swedish) Jaakko
1999 Lapin kullan kimallus Gold Fever in Lapland Frans Björklund
1998 Samaa Sukua, eri Maata (TV) Young man
1998 Особенности национальной рыбалки Peculiarities of the National Fishing Kalastuksen kansallisia erikoisuuksia (Finnish) Raivo
1998 Elämän suola (TV- Episode: "Yksi lensi yli käenpesän") Timppa
1996 Операция С новым годом (TV) Operation Happy New Year Killer #2
1995 Особенности национальной охоты Peculiarities of the National Hunt Metsästyksen kansallisia erikoisuuksia (Finnish) Raivo


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