Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Established 1956
Type Public
Rector Alfonsas Daniūnas
Academic staff 989
Students 11,518
Location Vilnius, Lithuania (EU)
Campus Urban
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VGTU Rector
VGTU Saulėtekis
VGTU Faculty of Mechanics
VGTU Faculty of Electronics
VGTU Civil Engineering Research Centre
VGTU Faculty of Architecture
VGTU Faculty of Environmental Engineering
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VGTU hostels

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuanian: Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas acronym-VGTU) is a state higher academic school which has the rights of legal entity. The University is a non-profit institution, which was established by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

It is one of the largest schools of higher education in Lithuania and strives for leading the Baltic countries in technical and engineering education as well as the field of scientific research. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University strives to foster highly qualified, creative and socially active specialists who can successfully adapt to both Lithuanian and foreign markets of education and labour.

The University encompasses[edit]

  • Nearly 69.000 alumni over more than 55 years of the University‘s existence
  • More than 11.000 students
  • 10 faculties
  • 12 research institutes, 5 research and 4 teaching centres, 31 research laboratories
  • More than 1000 academic staff members
  • Over 100 study programmes based on three-cycle structure: undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies
  • Over 310 business partners all over Lithuania
  • Over 410 high school partners all over the World


  • September 1, 1956. Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (KPI) founded Vilnius Evening Division of the Evening Faculty. This is considered to be the establishment date of a higher technical school in Vilnius. A specialist in chemistry Assoc. Prof. Jeronimas Kudaba became a Dean of this division. 75 students began studies.
  • July 1, 1960. The KPI Vilnius Evening Faculty was restructured into KPI Vilnius Evening Faculty. A. Cyras was appointed a Dean of the Faculty, which consisted of Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrotechnics and Applied Mechanics. There were 514 students studying in the Faculty.
  • July 6, 1961. The KPI Vilnius Evening Faculty was restructured into KPI Vilnius Branch with two divisions: the day-time and evening studies. A. Cyras was appointed Vice-Rector of the KPI Vilnius Branch. Two faculties were founded in the Branch: for studies of manufacturing production instruments and for training mechanical technology engineers.
  • September 1, 1964. The Faculty of Building Economy of the KPI Vilnius Branch started its activities.
  • September 1, 1968. The Town Building Faculty of the KPI Vilnius Branch was established.
  • September 1, 1969. The KPI Vilnius Branch was restructured into the Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (VISI). At that time, there were 4 faculties and 26 departments with 290 teachers in total, whereas the number of students amounted to 3 451.
  • October 31, 1990. By the decision of the Lithuanian Supreme Council, the Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute became the Vilnius Technical University (VTU).
  • August 22, 1996. Lithuanian Government adopted a resolution on awarding the Vilnius Technical University the name of an ancient Grand Duke Gediminas and naming it the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
  • October, 1997. VGTU was accepted into the World Association of Universities.
  • 2000 is the date of the founding of The Senate of VGTU.
  • February 4, 2004. The Club of VGTU Alumni and Fellows was established.
  • 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the existence of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.








  • Donatas Cygas – Chairman of the Senate
  • Juozas Atkociunas – Deputy Chairman of the Senate

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