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Parco P.I. was a reality television program that airs on Court TV. The series was about the cases of New York City-based private investigator Vincent "Vinny" Parco, his family, his daughter Dani Parco, his twin sons Chris Parco and Vincent Parco Jr., Ro and a number of the female investigators who work for the firm. [1]


The show gained considerable attention before its second season premiere for its viral marketing using billboards that posed as a letter from a wife named "Emily" to her unfaithful husband "Steven." In the letter, "Emily" reveals that she knows about Steven's infidelity and implies that she will file for divorce from him. This gained the attention of blogs and mainstream media, which questioned the billboards' legitimacy and speculated as to what the billboards were really about.[2]

The campaign was awarded "Best Integrated Promotional Campaign" at the 2007 Cannes Advertising Festival.


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