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View towards the pavilion of Vincent Square, London
View from the tower of Westminster Cathedral towards Vincent Square

Vincent Square is a large grass-covered square in Westminster, London, England, covering 13 acres.[1][2] It provides playing fields for Westminster School, which privately owns it.

It was created by Dean Vincent, Headmaster of Westminster School, a few hundred yards away, who, on seeing that development was beginning to encroach on the wastelands of Tothill Fields (which was a former plague pit), paid for a bank and ditch to enclose a suitable playing area for the schoolboys[citation needed].

After the Second World War, the school resisted the efforts of the local authority to make the square available for public use[citation needed].

The square contains a cricket pavilion [1], four football pitches, several tennis courts, and the groundsman's house, and is used every weekday by Westminster Under School during breaks.

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