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"The Fox" currently in the Broel Museum:1860's

Joos Vincent de Vos (1829-1875) was a Belgian artist who specialized in paintings of animals.

Vincent de Vos was born in Kortrijk, Belgium in 1829 to father Jan Eugene Vos a miller, and mother Marie Anne Verhaeghe. He studied at the Kortrijk Academy under religious artist Philip De White, and Edward Woutermaetens, also a painter of animals. At the academy, his early works won medals for composition in 1848, antique images in 1849, anatomy in 1851, and the gold medal for perspective in 1852.[1]

In 1870 he spent time in Roman Campagna, Italy. But, eventually he settled down in his home town of Kortrijk, where he set up his studio, which most described a small zoo. He kept dogs, wolves, foxes, monkeys and even a camel. Small sized painting of oil on panel was the majority of his works.[1]

His work was successful commercially, and was exhibited primarily in Belgium and France.[2][3]

He died in Kortrijk on 5 October 1875.[2]


"Le repos apres la chasse" ca.1860

Some of his paintings are in the collection of the Broelmuseum in Kortrijk.[4] Animals, particularly monkeys and dogs, were frequent subjects of his work. He often depicted animals in circus costume.[2] The paintings typically are small in size,[2] and dates, titles and signatures often are hidden as box labels or in posters depicted in the work.[5]

Titles and topics of his works include:

  • Circus monkey and Dog[6]
  • At the market[6]
  • Le repos apes la chasse[6]
  • A Blenheim and a Tricolour King Charles Spaniel on a Persian[6]
  • Two Dogs by the doghouse[7]
  • At Play[8]
  • Best Friends[9]
  • A terrier smoking a pipe[10]
  • "Dog Meets Mice", 1865
  • "De barakspelers" ("The Shack Players"), in the collection of the Broelmuseum.[3]
"At the Market" ca.1860


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