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Vincenzo Ruggiero is Professor of Sociology at Middlesex University, London. He is also director of the Crime and Conflict Research Centre at Middlesex University.[1]


He has conducted research on behalf of the ESRC (the Economic and Social Research Council), the British Home Office, the European Commission and the United Nations.[2]

He has worked on; penal systems, organised and corporate crime, state crimes and the crimes of the powerful, and also on sociological and urban issues, social movements, political violence and war.[3]


He has published extensively in international academic journals, and his books include, Western European Penal Systems (1995), Eurodrugs (1995), Organised and Corporate Crime in Europe (1996), The New European Criminology (1998), Crime and Markets (2000), Movements in the City (2001), Economic and Financial Crime in Europe (2002), Crime in Literature (2003), "The Crimes of the Economy" (2013) London: Routledge,[4] "Punishment in Europe" (2013) (with M. Ryan) London: Palgrave/Macmillan,[5] "I crimini dell'economia" (2013) Milan: Feltrinelli [6]


Recognition and prizes[edit]

He was nominated as Distinguished International Academic by the American Society of Criminology (2000), received the Premio Nazionale G. Arena for the book Movements in the City (2002), and was nominated for the Hindelang Award by the American Society of Criminology for the book Crime in Literature (2004). [9]