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Vincenzo de Cesati (1806 - 1883) was an Italian botanist who was a native of Milan.

He studied natural history and law at the University of Vienna, and afterwards worked as a volunteer at the Collegium Nacionale de Vercelli. From 1868 to 1883 he was director of the botanical garden at Naples. The majority of his plant collection is now preserved at the botanical institute of the University of Rome.

With Giovanni Passerini (1816-1893) and Giuseppe Gibelli (1831-1898), he was author of Compendio della flora italiana, a 35-volume compendium of Italian flora that was published between 1868 and 1886. Other written works by Cesati include:

  • Stirpes Italicae: iconografia universale delle piante italiane (Pyrole, Milan, 1840)
  • Saggio di una bibliografia algologica italiana (Accademia reale delle Scienze, Naples, 1882)

The plant genus Cesatia from the family Apiaceae is named after him.


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